Security Tips

How to Identify a Text Scam

Be Aware: Text Scam

Customers and non-customers have reported text messages indicating a new device has attempted to sign into their accounts at Bank of Prairie du Sac and asking them to click a link to secure their account.  This text is a scam attempting to get you to click on a malicious link and provide personal information. This text alone does not indicate there has been an attempt to sign into your account. 

If you have clicked on this link and provided ANY username or password information, change your password immediately, check your account(s) for unauthorized transactions or otherwise suspicious activity, and call the bank at 608-643-3393.

How can you identify a scam text message like this? 

  1. Look at the sender's number. When logging into online banking, Bank of Prairie du Sac uses short codes (5 digit numbers) to text messages to our users. The scammer is using a standard 10-digit phone number.
  2. Pause and ask yourself, "Did I expect this text?" Any unexpected emails or texts asking you to login to your online banking should be ignored and deleted.
  3. Consider what the sender is asking. We also will never ask for your username, password, or account information in any email or text message. If you have any doubt, use the app or open another browser and manually type in '' Do not use the provided link.
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