Security Tips

Cybersecurity for the Holidays

The holidays are a busy time filled with shopping, travel, and fun new devices. Use these cybersecurity tips to protect your personal and financial information this holiday season.

Use Secure Websites

Shopping online? Make sure the website address begins with https and check for the padlock icon in your browser window. These are indications that the website is secure.

Avoid Phone Scams

If you get a call or email from a retailer claiming there is an issue with your order, use caution. Don’t provide credit card or personal information through that call or email. Instead, hang up and call the company directly through a verified phone number or visit the website directly (not using the email links) to check your order status and correct any issues there.

Beware Shipping Emails

Online shopping means more deliveries. Be cautious with emails regarding package deliveries or issues with deliveries, as these can be scams. Always use your retailer’s website or go to the delivery company’s site directly to track your packages.

Secure New Devices

If you get a new device this holiday season, take steps during setup to make it more secure. Add a password, pin, or biometric ID to any new computers, tablets, or phones. Ensure you have a password on your Wi-Fi network to secure smart devices. Set up voice recognition and add a pin for purchasing commands on any smart speakers.

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